A new path to acquire, engage, and monetize consumers

Move Beyond the Data Plan

Millions of consumers throttle their content usage because they’re wary of exceeding their smartphone data plans. Consumers want content, but they don’t understand what they’re buying in a data plan comprised of megabytes, caps and restrictions. Data, like voice and text, is rapidly becoming a commodity.

Traditional data plans have led to missed opportunities for mobile operators, content owners, app developers, advertisers, and brands  who want to build or deepen the consumer relationship.

“Syntonic’s Freeway platform can help operators monetize mobile data consumption, from providing basic access for prepaid customers to making video content more affordable for premium postpaid users.”

— 451 Research

Freeway by Syntonic® allows brands to pay for consumer access to the mobile Internet

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Freeway is a new way for consumers to experience the mobile internet. It gives users unlimited access to a growing catalog of premium content without any charges to the consumer’s data plan!

Freeway lets mobile operators raise ARPUs, provide differentiated offers, and increase retention.It helps content providers acquire, engage, and monetize consumers by removing the access barrier of mobile data.

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